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Japanese Plum Tree Sculptured Serving Tray

VR Green Farms

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Japanese Plum Tree Sculptured Serving Tray

Created by OHV Italian artist Roberto Romano from naturally felled California Japanese Plum tree wood with unique gradations and natural edge finishes. Hand sanded with random cut inner trays for your favorite appetizers or fruit presentations or simply as its own one-off art piece. Food safe finish is hand rubbed with beeswax and mineral oil. Measures 21" long by 23" wide. One-of-a-kind wood sculpture was created with what nature grew for us here in California.

Many different varieties of Prunus salicina, some being hybrid species, are cultivated in China and is also widely cultivated in Japan and Korea. Cultivars of the species were greatly improved in Japan and thence introduced into the United States in the latter half of the 19th century, where subsequent breeding produced many more cultivars, generally with larger fruit. Many of these American cultivars have been exported to other countries, including back to Japan, their ancestral place of origin.

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