Our New Cialde Luna Collection!

Welcome to our Cialde Luna Gourmet Collection

We're celebrating the unique Italian wafer cookie born from Italian folklore.

How Italian Contessa folklore inspired the creation of our Italian wafers (Cialde Luna).

As the story goes, a young Italian Contessa named Giulia first tasted a thin, anise-flavored wafer at a local village festival in Pistoia, outside Florence. On her way back to Torino with her wafers in tow, she stopped to view the moon setting over the infamous Bay of Poets near Imperia at the Convent of Saint Chiara.

Being a full moon that night, she noticed the beautiful shape and soft glow of the moon resembled her newfound sweet treasure and reminded her of a former lover that once proposed marriage to her at this same overlook. As she gazed at the moon that night, it changed into the thin golden wafer she discovered at the festival . . . a sign of her forever love for her former prince.

Hence, the name . . . Cialde Luna or, in English, Moon Wafer.

The moon setting over the Bay of Poets