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Studio Romano

Roman Museo Bowl Travel Bag

Roman Museo Bowl Travel Bag

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Unique Roman Museo Bowl collectible bag is handmade with heavy cotton twill and is perfect for smart phones, cosmetics, and personal collectible items. Measures 8" wide by 6" deep. 

Forest green zipper closure includes our signature accent — a real Italian purple fava bean to bring you good luck. Handmade in southern California by artisan Carmen Gundelach. Exclusive Studio Romano Italian Roman Museo Bowl design on the front and "Roma Antica" design on the back.

According to Italian legend, the Italian fava bean was used as fodder for cattle in Sicily during a famine and was also prepared by farmers at their own table. They considered themselves "lucky" to have them. Ever since, the Italian fava bean has become known as the "lucky bean." The story continues . . . keep one with you so you'll never go broke and one for your pantry so you will never go hungry. Comes with a legend story card and gift box.

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